A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

In every strategy game, there are a few powerful strategies that dominate the entire game. This is the problem that Built aims to solve. Units are categorized into infantry, heavy, and aircraft; each of these has counters to all three. This vicious rock-paper-scissors is the core of the gameplay, but don't let it distract you from other, more cunning ploys. Whether by speed, stealth, or superweapons, every faction has ways of subverting the natural cycle. Beware, too, of strategy points: secret locations with powerful abilities. And to top it off, every game is affected by three random mutators.

Built is meant to be played with its highly erratic intelligent bots, but it's even better with friends. You can use the WAN server (until 2022) or host your own, if you know how.

Install instructions

Install to a permitted directory (e.g. desktop), then run the executable. Read the Built Manual for more information.


Built 1,0 Windows.exe 47 MB
Built 1,0 Mac.zip 65 MB
Built 1,0 Linux.zip 65 MB

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